Monday’s Column: Not A Rosie Outlook

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily revolves, as they often do, around a post here at the blog a few days ago about Rosie O’Donnell’s “radical Christianity is as dangerous as radical Islam” comments, along with a claim that the U.S. answer to being attacked on 9/11 was to bomb innocent civilians.

Give a read to “Not a Rosie outlook” for the rest.

Here’s a quick early email backing O’Donnell:

Michael H. writes:

I want to thank Rosie for holding our feet to the fire as Christians. Much of Christianity today in our country is dangerous as Islam. Is not passivity towards the salvation of others and our fixiation with cultural Christianity ever bit as dangerous as the aggressive form of Islam? To be honest I have met homosexuals that are more friendly open and honest than many Christians. Today people don’t hate Christians because we believe in Christ but because we are hypocrites. They hate us because we say we love and instead all we show is a attitude and air of superiority. Don’t get me wrong…I’m a Christian through and through but there is some truth in what Rosie said and we should take heed lest we run the risk of being prideful.
Instead of attacking her we should have thanked her and promised the world that we would be more like Christ in the future, bringing shame to her arguement and humility to our side.
Terrorists want to kill Christians because we’re not worshipping Jesus properly?
William B. disagrees:
I remember the first time I saw Rosie, I believe it was on ‘Star Search’. This was how she opened her act: “My name’s Rosie, and I’m an idiot.” Even after all these years, truer words were never spoken!
We were all a little more honest and astute when we were younger, William!

Author: Doug Powers

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