When Pigs Fly: Roger Waters Reminds Dems To Vote… On The Wrong Day?

This marks the first time that pro-Democrat ads have been written on a flying animal since Teddy’s pink elephants and little green monkeys sported “Kennedy for President in ’80” signs.

Those of us who are conservatives must consider our political position in life and realize that it’s in opposition to around at least 80% of world “artists.” As a general rule we tend to look the other way for the sake of the entertainment they provide. At least I do.

For me, there are several actors, musicians, etc., in that category. Pink Floyd was always one of those bands, along with the work of it’s main solo members, Roger Waters and David Gilmour.

Waters had some good post-Floyd work, “Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking” being among the best, and Gilmour’s solo stuff is extraordinary, including the recently released “On an Island.” But I digress…

Roger Waters is on tour in the U.S. now. One of the main features of Pink Floyd concerts used to be the flying pig that can be seen on the cover of 1977’s “Animals” album. It was a staple of Pink Floyd concerts, and continues to be during Roger Waters’ solo tour.

This time though, Waters, on the surface at least, appears to have “sold out” the pig. I don’t recall seeing “your ad here” on the side of the thing the last time I saw Waters perform, but now, as told by a story on The Drudge Report this morning, the pig has DNC propaganda all over it’s fat pink ass. Or does it?

The pig as it floats at the current tour says “Impeach Bush,” “Vote Democrat,” and “Don’t be led to the slaughter.” It’s so nice to see a Brit take such an interest in American politics, isn’t it? Here’s a short video of the DNC pig flying during “Sheep.”

If you’re one who’s into the concept of “bad karma,” then isn’t putting “vote Democrat” on the side of a flying pig a horrific omen?

Or, is it actually part of an evil Republican plan?

The “when pigs fly” omen, combined with the appearance that Rogers is reminding Democrats to show up to the polls on the wrong day would seem to spell out bad news for the DNC. Check out the voting date on the pig. The YouTube site says this video was shot on 9/15/06 at the Jones Beach Amphitheatre, and if so, Waters (or somebody) is playing a pretty good joke on the Democrats — unless Americans are voting in general elections on Thursdays now.

The 2004 presidential election is was on November 2nd, so there are three possibilities: 1) This is older video put out with the purposes of being misleading, 2) Roger Waters and/or his roadies are completely oblivious to the U.S. political calendar, or most likely 3) Karl Rove strikes again!

Democrats showing up to the polls on November 2nd are destined to be disenfranchised — by the locks on the doors of the polling place.


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Author: Doug Powers

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