A Few Nominations The "World Stupidity Awards" Forgot

Well, the 2006 “World Stupidity Awards” winners and runners-up have been announced.

There were some odd rankings, even for a “stupidity awards” ceremony. For example, in the “disinformation stupidity award for being most out of touch with reality,” George W. Bush is ranked one notch higher than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran and sanity emeritus. No, that’s not the shocker. The fact that Hillary Clinton is ranked above both of them is interesting, and actually lends credibility to the entire voting process.

The awards were decided via Internet vote, which means that the results are at least as accurate as your average Dade County election.

There were plenty of stupid things did stick out as absent from the list, however.

A big stupidity award should go to the state of California in the “reckless endangerment of the planet” category. The troubled state, testament to what happens when leftist politicians and activists are allowed to cluster-hump public policy, is suing six auto makers in a global warming lawsuit for their greenhouse gases.

Hey Californian enablers, was it GM that built all this?

And where’s Geraldo? Remember when Rivera pulled the weepy “Moses of the Superdome” routine in New Orleans shortly after Katrina? “Let the people go!” was the cry. It turned out to be an emotional “Capone’s vault,” because there was nowhere to let them go to.

What about Rosie O’Donnell, who said that radical Christianity is as great a threat to the world as radical Islam? Lets consider this fairly — Rosie O’Donnell is waiting for an elevator. Suddenly, two of them open up. In one is Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, the pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, and members of the “Christian” Ku Klux Klan. In the other elevator is Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and five rather irritated guys dolled up in their Mujahideen garb. Which elevator would she choose? Either way, she wouldn’t get hit on.

In the “stupidest statement by George W. Bush” category, where the hell is the quote where Bush called Ted Kennedy “a good man” and “a good Senator”? Sure, that was in 2002, but it’s so stupid that even it’s echo should win in 2006.

Any stupidity list without Richard Armitage on it should be included on a separate list of “most incomplete lists.” While Armitage let Karl Rove and others twist in the wind over the Valerie Plame “leak” fiasco isn’t in and of itself “stupidity,” it does cross that line where something is so egregious that it’s ultimately dumb.

During the nominating process of the stupidity awards, somebody forgot about the producers of the 2006 Emmy Awards, who went ahead and aired a plane crash opening skit mere hours after a crash in Kentucky killed dozens of people. It was called an “oversight,” but if this was an “Air Malibu” flight, not only would the skit not have aired, but the show would have been cancelled and breast implants would have been at half-staff for a month.

–Since this is the “World” stupidity awards, what happened to “Hitler’s Cross,” the restaurant in India that stretched the saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” to absurd, goose-stepping lengths. Maybe they didn’t make the list because they announced they’ll change their name. Hopefully they do better under the name “Stalin’s Place.”

As for musicians, how about the former Pink Floyd bassist and co-songwriter Roger Waters who had a prop during a concert that reminded people to vote Democrat — on the wrong day.

Concert-going Democrats following Waters’ advice might not be led to the slaughter, but they will be led to a locked polling place.


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Author: Doug Powers

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