A Former Member of the Clinton Administration Nails It — Hell Frozen Solid

That’s right, a former member of the Clinton administration got something absolutely right. Sure, this is as rare as Paris Hilton successfully completing a New York Times crossword puzzle, but it happens on few and far between occasions.

Kirsten Powers, no relation as far as I know, served as deputy assistant U.S. Trade Representative for public affairs under Bill Clinton — I mean, in his administration — and has a killer op-ed in the American Prospect on the Pope-Islam controversy.

If this insolence keeps up, Kirsten’s going to get a big long bony Bubba finger pointed at her in anger. It won’t last, though. Kirsten’s blog is a sure sign that she’s not jumping Democrat ship any time soon.

Hat tip to the folks at Hot Air for digging up this winner.


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Author: Doug Powers

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