Readers Need Your Advice: How to Deal With A Gay Friend, Meet Babs

Usually, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to respond to reader emails on the blog, but there were two I recently got that I thought maybe some of you could help with.

First off, Melanie is a regular reader. Melanie is conservative, but has a gay male friend who doesn’t seem to think they can remain friends because she is against gay marriage. Here’s Melanie’s letter:

I recently had an email exchange with a friend of mine who is gay… it started out as a discussion about Rick Santorum. When I mentioend I liked him, he got very angry, as he had a couple years ago when I mentioned I was against gay marriage. It seems I’ve hurt his feelings very much and I can’t make him understand why he’s still one of my best friends and I oppose gay marriage.

I resent him calling me “homophobic” because I’m clearly not. I don’t know how to justify why I feel the way I do without isolating him or referencing the Bible which is not even a factor in my belief.  I think its stupid he can’t respect my opinion because I can respect his. I think its immature of him to think I’m homophobic. How do I explain my belief and address this “homophobia” crap in an intelligent way, from a non-religious standpoint without losing my friend?


First off, tell him that it’s nothing personal and that there are many heterosexual couples you’ve seen that shouldn’t be allowed to marry as well. I’m sure, though, that somebody out there has some good advice as to how to deal with this.

Also, who’s the one “reaching out” here? You are. Conservatives are stereotyped as closed-minded, buttoned-down, stuffy bastards who only like people who are just like they are. This, as evidenced by your friend’s behavior toward your opinion, is far from the truth.

This topic leads us, either by design or accident, to Brian, who has a question about how to meet Barbra Streisand:

I read your article about Barbra Streisand, and although I agree with some of your comments, she is a wonderful talent that we should enjoy. I agree that it’s not fair to say this is your farewell tour and then tour again, but with everything, people have choices and hers is to tour again and it’s her right to do it.

As to the money.  If she gives $10 to charity and the rest goes into her pocket, so be it.  Why do people think that she has to give away the money.  The only reason she should tell what she’s doing with her money is if she has stated publicly that she was going to donate certain amounts to specific charities.

I have two $750 tickets to her show in Chicago and to me, it’s my dream come true.  As a matter of fact, I’ve written twice to her publicist to get permission to give her flowers at the show. 

Do you have any idea whatsoever how a person gets in touch with someone like Babs.  I adore her in spite of her somewhat abrasive personality.  Could you give me some pointers in how to get a note to her or to her PR people. I do so want to give her flowers at the concert.  Do you have any connections at all.


Anybody who would pay $1,500 to see Barbra would no doubt pay, say, $100 for some good advice, eh?

In all seriousness though, do you have a good Bill Clinton mask? Should be easy to find one with Halloween so close. Put one on at the concert and you’ll find yourself backstage faster than Rex Reed after a command performance of “Rent.”

Secondly, why do people think she has to give away the money? The reasons are many. As for me, when I see someone supporting political candidates who think our money should be taken from us to support the charitable and bureaucratic whims of their pals, I don’t think it’s nearly as unconstitutional to simply ask somebody to give theirs away — you know, “for the children.” Also, Barbra often speaks of the evils of “greed.” Given her confiscatory business acumen, this is so comical that her tours should be sponsored by the Marvel people.

Maybe Melanie could get back in the good graces of her gay friend by putting him in touch with Brian. Ya think?

At any rate, I hope there’s somebody out there with some practical advice for these two people in need of help.


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Author: Doug Powers

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