Congratulations To Our 300 Millionth Customer (las felicitaciones a nuestro un cliente trescientos millonesimo)

The population of the United States will surpass 300 million at some point this month — by the middle of the month if the NBA had a productive off-season.

We’ve added 100 million people just in my lifetime. I’m only responsible for four of those though, which frankly seems like a pretty weak effort on my part compared to the overall number.

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation with a significant population growth. A pretty interesting fact for a country that’s made out by so many to be the world’s **biggest jerk. (for a refresher course, read “10 reasons America sucks” written by somebody who forgot to include reason #11, “It’s full of people who say it sucks but who will not leave.”)

(**France notwithstanding)

According to Scientific American, “most of the growth is taking place in the south and the west.” I haven’t looked at a map in a few days, but I think that’s down by where Mexico is. Go figure.

After U.S. population hit 200 million in 1967, the year after I was born, Paul Ehrlich came out a book called “The Population Bomb,” which predicted mass starvation due to population growth. Erlich was the Al Gore of his day and a pioneer of the chicken-little sciences.

Actually, in America, there is anything but “mass starvation.” There is a population “growth,” except the increase is more in belt size than in sheer numbers.

At any rate, whoever it ends up being, congratulations to our 300 millionth customer! Or perhaps I should say, las felicitaciones a nuestro un cliente trescientos millonésimo!


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Author: Doug Powers

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