"Catch me if you Ken": Brief update from our man at the border

It’s been a while since Ken checked in. If you’re a new reader, Ken went on regular patrols with the Texas Minutemen group and, when he does, offers updates on occasion, which I call “Catch me if you Ken” or “From si to shining si,” depending upon the mood of the day.

A few days ago Ken sent me some info (which I soon misplaced, but he was good enough to send it again) on a shooting in Houston involving an illegal alien who killed a Houston police officer. This is fairly disgusting, but not at all surprising.

Ken’s son is a Houston police officer, so obviously this hits pretty close to home.

Here’s what Ken had to say:

Within hours of the recent cop murder in Houston by an illegal alien (who had been deported THREE times before), reps from LULAC, La Raza, and other border “rights” groups descended on the officer’s widow in an attempt to sway her opinion to support their view of illegal aliens. 

As it happens, the widow is also a Houston police officer, and, since this incident, Houston is no longer a “sancutary” city as it has been for years under its PC mayor and police chief. 

This info came to me via one of my sons, who is a police lieutenant in Houston and has been fighting this lack of law enforcement for years, and jeopardizing his career at the same time because he knew what was right.

My son was raised in the tradition of the Texas Rangers:  “Nobody can stop a man who knows he’s right and keeps on a-comin’. “ Do you know the history of the Texas Ranger monument that reads “One Ranger; One Riot”?  If not, I’ll elucidate. God, I love this state!

Hope your son stays safe down there, Ken, in spite of the absolute politically correct insanity that has permeated so many areas of this country. And thanks to him for attempting to do the right thing in the face of overwhelming idiocy.

Author: Doug Powers

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