Earth Now In Ecological Debt, Has Credit Card Cut Up

This just in from the “Oh my God, we’re all gonna die! We’re all gonna die! Somebody do something! HELP MEEEE!” department…

The earth has officially slipped into ecological debt. What does that mean, other than the planet will be getting annoying thrice-daily phone calls from bill collectors?

The Guardian explains:

Humanity slides into the red today and begins racking up an ecological overdraft driven by unsustainable exploitation of the world’s resources, according to a report by the sustainable development organisation Global Footprint Network.

In little more than nine months, humans have used up all that nature can replenish in one year, and for the rest of 2006 are destined to eat into the planet’s ecological capital, the study claims.

Later, the kicker:

The worst offenders are in developed countries: for North Americans the “ecological footprint” – the land and water a person needs to sustain their lifestyle – is 9.6 hectares (23.7 acres). For the typical African it is 1.4 hectares.

If every country lived frugally, only half the planet’s resources would be needed to meet demand. But if the world adopted a US lifestyle, four extra planets would be needed.

Four more planets? We’d better stop spending money on social services and crank up NASA expenditures quick!

As for much of Africa, of course their “footprint” is smaller — they’re starving, you freakin’ eco-wankers!

We in the United States are such jerks. We eat well, cure diseases, invent stuff, feed a good portion of the world — lots of other good stuff, but this is, in the end, bad for the planet?

The next person that bitches about starving in Africa or anything else should get slapped. I’m sure the aforementioned Africans would slap ’em themselves if they found out that this bunch of “scientists” was essentially lauding starvation and misery as “ecologically reponsible.”

Author: Doug Powers

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