Another Reason for the Left to Love Kim Jong Il

From the Daily Mail:

As the world grapples with how to rein in the “axis of evil” state which this week conducted a nuclear test, this spectacular satellite photo unveiled yesterday by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld shows in stark detail the haves and have-nots of the Korean peninsula…

…The result, as shown in this picture taken one night earlier this week, is a startling contrast between the blacked-out north and the south, which is ablaze with light, particularly around major cities and the capital, Seoul, in the north-west of the country.

Here’s the satellite picture:

What does this picture say to the left? You guessed it. Kim Jong Il is conserving electricity! If only the rest of the world could be as ecologically responsible. As global electricity usage skyrockets, North Korea won’t be at fault.

The good news for the rest of the world is that, though North Korea may have the nuclear bomb, they can’t find it after sundown.

Author: Doug Powers

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