Like a Prayer: A Real Solution to African Poverty?

Not long ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted an Ethyopian child. Desperate to not be upstaged, Madonna and her husband have adopted an African child as well. This could catch on, since this makes big news, and celebs love making the news.

And thank God for that. Despite the billions that have poured in from outside sources, Africa continues to be a mess. Take Zimbabwe as a bad economic example. Inflation hovers around 400 percent, 60 percent of the population is unemployed, and over half of the citizens live on less than $1 a day (Wal-Mart doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?). Yes, it’s worse than the Carter administration.

Some question the motives of celebrities like these, saying that African kids are just fashion accessories for the glitterati, but hey, I say “keep it up.”

Entertainers have a lot of money and a tremendous desire to make the covers of “People” and “Entertainment Weekly,” not to mention have a puff piece on “Entertainment Tonight.” What if every entertainer who adopts an African child is guaranteed all three? Thousands of kids could be saved (from starvation, not from growing up very poorly adjusted). Could the answer to African poverty be this simple?

The message to Africans in need? Help could be on the way. Stand out by the road and soon you may be adopted by a rich actor or singer — maybe even an American with a fake British accent.

“Can you say Kabbalah?”

Author: Doug Powers

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