U.N. Sends Strongly Worded Teddy-Gram to Kim Jong Il

The United Nations is ticked about North Korea’s nuclear testing, so they’ve decided on a resolution to consider getting angry right up to the point of taking action, at which point they’ll pause for debate and lunch.

From the A.P.:

The resolution demands North Korea eliminate all its nuclear weapons but expressly rules out military action against the country – a demand by the Russians and Chinese. The Americans also eliminated a complete ban on the sale of conventional weapons; instead, the resolution limits the embargo to major hardware such as tanks, warships, combat aircraft and missiles.

Even Kim Jong Il has to be disappointed that the U.N. has ruled out taking military action. Think of all the potential blue-helmeted hostages that would allow him to take.

True to U.N. tradition, North Korea will continue to be monitored by a panel of round-table experts from an as-yet-to-be-announced coalition from a bureau of task forces.

If this doesn’t work, the U.N. may have to consider the unthinkable: Not saying “please.”

Author: Doug Powers

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