Cutting Off Our Stem Cells To Spite Our Faces

There’s not much more that can be said specifically about the Michael J. Fox anti Jim Talent stem-cell ad and subsequent Rush Limbaugh commentary on same, other than that I think we’re totally bogged down in a complete missing of the point.

Some are accusing Fox of being used by the Dems, but Fox insists he’s bipartisan, and when asked by Katie Couric if he’d ever supported a Republican, Fox said he supported Arlen Specter. So the short answer to Couric’s question is “no.”

Through all the somewhat meaningless ancillary carping, some questions have arisen that need to be addressed to the pro stem cell research people, and the rest of us for that matter.

First, politics. Can somebody please tell me any major disease that was ultimately cured because voters in the U.S. chose one particular politician over another? Of course, politicians make those claims all the time. Remember when John Edwards said that if John Kerry were elected, people like Christopher Reeves would walk again? Boy, those bumper stickers are correct — Jesus was, indeed, a liberal. Not only that but He had a place on Nantucket and could just walk there from the mainland.

Consider a scenario similar to the one we’re witnessing now in Missouri, except in a different time and place. Actress Mia Farrow had polio as a child. Had Farrow done radio ads from her iron lung in the late 40’s supporting one political candidate over another, would this have had any bearing whatsoever on Jonas Salk’s development of the first successful polio vaccine?

Among all the diseases in the history of mankind that have been cured, there is one single common denominator among all of them — human beings discovered the cures. But there’s the real catch. Jonas Salk wasn’t initially able to develop a vaccine because of politics — he was able to develop it because he was, first and foremost, alive.

Embryonic stem cell research, as it’s performed today, involves one ingredient to get started: a dead human being, which has been either aborted or created to serve as a stem cell farm.

What if one of those aborted babies – who was perhaps killed under the guise of somebody’s “right,” further justified by the need for his or her glorious stem cells, in which supposedly lies the cure for neurological diseases – was destined to be the very person to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease? Talk about a “one wheel in the sand” approach to disease eradication.

In other words, the odds are ever increasing that God has sent us the future scientist who would have found a cure for these horrible diseases, but he or she was killed. Why? So we could find a cure for these horrible diseases. Wow.

Michael J. Fox can be certain of one thing: a human being will discover the cure for his disease. Supporting the killing of human beings in order to find a cure for your disease is like a wealthy hemorrhoid sufferer bulldozing a Preparation H factory in order to build “The Institute for the Research of Rectal Itch.”

Political affiliations are meaningless in this argument, with one caveat: I’ll never vote for the Donner Party candidate, whoever that may be.


Addendum: The Michael J. Fox ad now has some competition from the other side. An embryo has endorsed Jim Talent in the Missouri senate race. Here’s a video of the embryo’s controversial ad. Hey, fair is fair.


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Author: Doug Powers

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