My Brush With Psychic John Edward, Tonight on The Glenn Beck Show

As many of you know, I write for Glenn Beck’s magazine, Fusion. Glenn has a nationally syndicated radio show and also has a terrific TV show on every night (7 e.s.t., repeated at 9 and midnight) on CNN Headline News.

On tonight’s show, Glenn will have psychic John Edward on for the entire hour.

I was always skeptical as far as psychics go, and have always wanted to research and write about them. As luck would have it, a while back my wife and I won a free reading with John Edward, and flew to New York on their dime. It worked out perfectly, because shortly after that we joined Glenn in Manhattan on his radio show to discuss the day we were, as you might say, “at large with a medium.”

That was in late August. Fast forward the tape to today … I just got off the phone with Kevin, the producer of the TV show, and Glenn will talk briefly about our experience on tonight’s broadcast toward the end of the hour, in the “skeptics” section.

I’m writing more about it and will post the whole experience here on the blog at some point in the future.

Author: Doug Powers

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