John’s Explanation Doesn’t Kerry Any Water

John Kerry told college students that if they didn’t do well in school, they’d get “stuck in Iraq.”

Here’s a video.

Republicans were obviously angered, as should have been any American not to mention all members of the military, but of course, Kerry says that’s not what he meant. For intellectually superior elitist Democrats, they sure do “accidentally” say a lot of dumb things, don’t they?

Kerry later said it was a “botched joke” meant to target the president, not the troops.

So… what? If college kids don’t do well in school, then… Bush will be stuck in Iraq? Huh?

Of course, John Kerry can spout whatever he wants no matter how inane, because, as he always reminds us, he “wore the uniform.”

Hey Senator, it’s a uniform, not a brain — just because you wore one doesn’t mean you’re immune from being an idiot. Ask Murtha.

If you hike the ball like that enough, eventually your head gets stuck up your ass

Author: Doug Powers

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