Support the Troops, Hate the War — Or Is It Vice-Versa?

We’re told constantly by Democrats and others opposing the war that they “support the troops, but hate the war.” This never made much sense to me, as it’s a little like saying you love eggs but hate chickens.

As a matter of fact, there are times when “support the troops, hate the war” gets completely flipped around. Case-in-point: Last night, a suicide bomber in Afghanistan killed 19 and injured 11 — many U.S. soldiers — outside a military base. Inside the compound was Vice President Dick Cheney.

Upon hearing the news that many of the troops they “support” were killed, some Democrats reacted predictably. “How” you ask? Did they mourn for the lost soldiers (who they support, by the way — did I mention that)? Well, many of them chastised the bomber for not getting to Cheney, or suspected other deviousness.

On this Democrat forum, reactions by many who support the troops were varied yet similar in their target.

Some of the headlines of forum posts and comments are:

“No fun when the pheasants can shoot back, huh?”

“Are we sure Cheney wasn’t gunning down another friend?”

“Wow. The Bushies missed! They really want to replace Dick in the worst way!”

“Cheney unhurt: World disappointed.”

One writes that God “must be pissed at him” (Cheney), followed by another: “I just wish he was a little more pissed off.”

Yes, can you feel the love for the troops?

But there were some who were glad the veep was unharmed:

“Thank God Cheney was fine. I couldn’t deal with it if that man were made a martyr.”

This “support” from many on the left is the type of love Jane Fonda has given the troops over the years. Fonda is just one in a long line of those who claim to ”support the troops, but not the war.” There hasn’t been a bigger pile of yellow excrement since the day after my dog ate two dozen Marshmallow Peeps.

To some degree, however, this is an accurate statement. For example, during the Vietnam war, it’s clear that Fonda supported the troops. Not ours, but still…

At any rate, let’s say a prayer for the families of those who were killed in a God-forsaken land while protecting all of us. I just thought I should say that since it would seem that those who support the troops so much haven’t yet gotten around to it.

Author: Doug Powers

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