Monday’s Column: Hollywood Turning Into One Big Idiot

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about how Hollywood leftists are many, but yet indistinguishable. Moronic ramblings fly from every corner of Tinseltown and beyond, but it’s all the same bile, so it’s time to start grouping these people for easier handling.

The first trio of tripe-slingers is Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, and Harry Belafonte — better known now as Rosie O’Pennafonte. Read more about this in “The Rosie O’Pennafonte Trio.”

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday.

Update: Gary B. just sent me the best piece of hate mail I’ve gotten in a long time

power surly elite Doug. you just can’t help yourself can you. the pride and arrogance fills you up with your nonsense. the power of thought scene threw you is a scary thing. the wit of a jackass hee-hawing. you bring new meaning to the educated idiot. does pauly want a cracker! you are the blind man yelling that you saw the event. no one listens. who have eyes to see. you are a hypocrite professing to be a Christan with the mouth of a whore-monger. the whore always use such talk to undermine their victims. please, no return mail. it will only be your nonsense. you have no credibility. your ratings must look like Cheney’s and bush.

the elite have cleverly snared your mind. conspiracy? yes, when you write books about how you will do it. Brzezinski said so himself. when he made the statement that white and black Americans would be the new “boat people” when they are finished with this illegal immigration. which would finish this society and turn it into a Mexican state. his words. so you are a fool! that there is not a game afoot to destroy this country and the protestant and Jewish people.

if a hundred years of history, last century, showed you nothing of all the murders of Jews and Christan’s alike. surely there will be more with people like you with no vision to see the truth! the lord will have your hided for leading his people astray especially when you sit in the horn blowers seat to sound the alarm. may god have mercy on you.

Um, Gary, I don’t care what the doctor says — stop breaking the pills in half and go back to the full dose. It might it add lucidity and get rid of the cartoon bluebirds that are fluttering around your head. And what’s the deal with kooks and their aversion to capital letters? You’d think that the “shift” key was invented by Bush.

Author: Doug Powers

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