Hostage Release: Gift to U.K., or Good Old Fashioned CYA?

As the laughable praisings continue to be heaped upon the historically humanitarian Iran for the release of the British hostages, the real story begins to emerge.

In an area of the world that only understands brute force, could it be that the threat of the same was what prompted the release of the hostages?

Ahmadinejad said the release was a “gift” to Great Britain (birthday presents from this guy must be lots of fun: “A tie and four returned hostages? Mahmoud, you shouldn’t have!”). However, it looks like less of a gift, and more like Ahmadinejad was just protecting his own package.

It’s being said that the USS Nimitz forced Iran’s decision. Read this story and decide if there was a different sort of “gift” involved, and if so, who wanted to be the giver, and who didn’t want to be the receiver.

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Author: Doug Powers

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