Pope Partly Misses the Point

My staunch Catholic friends will be furious with me for wording it this way, but the man who lives in the solid gold city is lecturing us about the evils of greed again:

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Rich countries bent on power and profit have mercilessly “plundered and sacked” Africa and other poor regions and exported to them the “cynicism of a world without God,” Pope Benedict writes in his first book.

While I agree that part of the problem is a lack of God (which I suppose is the case in a lot of places), I’d first say that the problem of Africa and every other third-world country is first and foremost that they’re suffering from the cynicism of a world without freedom, capitalism and imprisoned warlords. If they could import those three things it might be a litter safer and easier to bring God in.

Author: Doug Powers

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