Read About It In Couric’s New Book, “Gone With the Wind”

nullFor millions of dollars a year, you’d think that these people could at least write their own material.

Plagiarism in the media is often blamed on the “pressures of deadlines” that is the nature of the beast within the business, and, judging by the past few years, CBS must be under a heck of a lot of pressure.

It turns out that a commentary Katie Couric did on getting her first library card was plagiarized from a Wall Street Journal column.

CBS News apologized for the plagiarized passages yesterday and said the commentary had been written by a network producer who has since been fired.

The CBS anchor “was horrified,” spokeswoman Sandy Genelius said. “We all were.”

Then Katie put down the ratings book and also felt kinda bad about the plagiarism.

“Had been written by a network producer”? They took credit for it again! It had been written by the WSJ’s Jeffrey Zaslow — it had been copied and pasted by a network producer.

Dan Rather, however, stands behind the authenticity of Couric’s commentary. Courage.

Author: Doug Powers

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