Save The Planet, Kill Yourself

Joyanna Adams, writing at MensNewsDaily, has a funny-but-pathetic-and-scary piece about Michael and Kathleen Gear, who describe themselves as archaeologists. The couple has been taking to the airwaves complaining about overpopulation and how the planet could use a good, old fashioned flu pandemic or any other event that would wipe out countless people.

They’ve concluded that millions or billions will have to die in order to save everybody else. (not so surprisingly, the Gear’s put themselves in the “everybody else” category)

These Erlich desciple claustrophobics wear, figuratively if not literally, the “save the planet: kill yourself” t-shirts, but never have the conviction to heed their own advice and are therefore left with zero credibility in my book.

I’d rather suffer a few million or even billion “too many” people than put up with a couple of Haight-Ashbury pilgrims who make our ears, noses and eyes bleed any longer than necessary.

Author: Doug Powers

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