To Serve Man II: Modern Appeasement Meets The Twilight Zone

nullWhenever Nancy Pelosi, Tom “put zee candle beck” Lantos, and others, head over to meet with people such as Syrian President Bashar Assad, there is only one suspenseful question to ponder: what color pen will they use to sign the surrender papers?

Sure, politicians from both sides of the aisle have met with Assad, but there was something eerily subservient about this particular visit. I know because I think I saw Jimmy Carter with an erection.

Subsequent to the Assad palm-press, Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor in Congress, expressed a willingness to meet with Yakov Smirnoff’s evil twin, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man whose anti-Jew rants make Mel Gibson look like a choir boy at Temple Beth Shalom.

Lantos believes “it is important that we have dialog with him” — “him” being the person who wants a holocaust (I’d say “another” holocaust, but Mahmoud believes there never was a first one) and to wipe out the likes of Tom Lantos. Lantos hopes to talk him out of it.

Time will tell if Ahmadinejad is charitable enough to give another “gift” and let everybody live another day. Fingers crossed! If dialog doesn’t do the trick, intense conversation and pointed discussion followed by begging and cash payoffs is the bureaucratic protocol.

Whenever I see anybody, be they liberal actors sucking up to U.S.-bashers like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, or politicians trying to appease any number of despots who have a stated goal of eliminating the West (if believing a rogue nation or person will be less likely to attack those they hate if they’re only allowed access to nuclear weapons isn’t a mental disorder, nothing is), I can’t help but think that we’re witnessing the making of a sequel to the “To Serve Man” episode of The Twilight Zone.

Here’s the basic plot of “To Serve Man” that appears on Wikipedia:

A race of aliens known as the Kanamits land on Earth and promise to be nothing but helpful to the cause of humanity. Initially wary of the intentions of such a highly advanced race, even the most skeptical humans are convinced when their code-breakers begin to translate one of the Kanamit’s books, with the seemingly innocuous title, “To Serve Man.”

Sharing their advanced technology, the aliens quickly solve all of Earth’s greatest woes; eradicating hunger, disease, the need for warfare. Soon, humans are volunteering for trips to the Kanamits’ home planet, which is supposedly a paradise. All is not well, however, when a code-breaker discovers the Kanamits’ true intentions. Their book, “To Serve Man”, is a cookbook.

There are of course key differences between the modern-day appeasement, which I’m calling “To Serve Man II,” and the original Twilight Zone episode. Chiefly, the suck-ups du jour aren’t even brown-nosing due to the promise of Iran, Syria and the rest eradicating disease, warfare and hunger — it’s being done based on the insane notion that a fully exposed and accessible jugular is less tempting to the throat cutter.

Also, in “To Serve Man,” the cookbook was written by the hungry aliens. In “To Serve Man II,” the cookbook is, oddly enough, being written by the meal. This would be a funny plot twist if we weren’t all on the hors deurves menu.

Author: Doug Powers

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