Admit It — If You Don't Like Hillary, It's Just Because She's Smart

The New York Times has interviews with several of Hillary Clinton’s former schoolmates from her days at Wellesley College.

Here’s one ex-student:

“I hear these anti-Hillary attacks by men, especially right-wing men, and I feel like it’s just as much an attack on me,” said Cheryl Lynn Brierton, an in-house lawyer for the California courts. “It’s an effect of intelligence that you come across as intense, that you have strong views. I’ve always felt that the way she is singled out and attacked is very indicative of how society reacts to smart women.”

No, it’s how society reacts to liberals and leftists. If a liberal and/or leftist is “smart” or “dumb” in the collegiate definition of those words is usually a non-issue.

In other words, it’s of little comfort or relevance to me to be riding on a bus and know that the driver, who is heading us all for the edge of a cliff, might have a superior I.Q.

Author: Doug Powers

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