Condolences to the Buckley Family

Pat Buckley, who was William F. Buckley Jr.’s wife of well over a half-century, has passed away.

It’s been written time and time again that “behind every great man, there’s a great woman,” and judging from Mr. Buckley’s amazing life, Pat must have been one heck of a presence. It’s also true that her life was about as fascinating, though not quite as public, as her husband’s.

She’s been described as a “conservative den mother” of sorts:

Over the years, Mrs. Buckley acted a kind of den mother to the modern conservative movement, giving dinners to the editors of her husband’s magazine, National Review every other Monday, starting in the mid-1960s. At her husband’s 80th-birthday celebration in 2005 at the Pierre Hotel in New York, her son Christopher noted in a toast that “No one ever left my mother’s house less than well and truly stuffed.”

Here’s Mrs. Buckley’s obituary on National Review.

Author: Doug Powers

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