The Inevitable Gun Control Debate

The issue of gun control is now once again arising in the wake of the horrible crime that was committed at Virginia Tech.

There are only a couple of points I’d like to meander about, and the rest can be handled in the coming days.

First, as I always say, “illegal is as illegal does.” Would somebody willing to slaughter dozens of people be given a moment of pause if he knew he might go to jail for two weeks if he’s caught trying to obtain an illegal firearm? This one would make me laugh if it weren’t such a dangerously naive notion.

Criminals are called criminals because they don’t obey laws. Making more laws to make those who don’t obey laws obey them is a bit dizzying in its lack of productivity. The ones who pay are those of us who do obey the laws — laws of which there are now more of for criminals to disobey. I don’t think giving a criminal more laws to gladly break is the answer, but hey, maybe that’s just me.

Fighting crime by tying the hands of the honest man just seems stupid and counterproductive.

Over a year ago, the Virginia General Assembly put down a bill that would have given qualified students and faculty the right to carry a handgun on school property. Maybe somebody could have stopped this hell-fodder before he got very far, but, thanks to politicians “protecting” the citizens and students, we saw quite the opposite.

Joseph Farah writes this today at WorldNetDaily:

All of the school shooting sprees that ended quickly, without massive losses of life, have done so because one responsible person had a gun and used it.

Is there any doubt in your mind that one student or one faculty member with a gun could have ended this carnage yesterday with a greatly reduced death toll?

In fact, simply the knowledge that any student or any faculty member could be armed might have prevented this unknown assailant from hatching his deadly scheme of mass murder on campus.

As my friend Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, points out, “Isn’t it interesting that Utah and Oregon are the only two states that allow faculty to carry guns on campus. And isn’t it interesting that you haven’t read about any school or university shootings in Utah or Oregon? Why not? Because criminals don’t like having their victims shoot back at them.”

Here’s another point to ponder: Japan has some of the strictest gun control laws in the democratized world. Today, the Mayor of Nagasaki was shot. Go figure.

Of course, Washington DC has historically had incredibly tough gun laws too, and you know how that worked out.

Could it be due to the fact that gun violence, and violence of any sort, is less of an issue of the availability of hardware and more one of a tragic side effect of what happens when life is cheapened in a society?

All this said, our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives were forever affected by a maniac yesterday morning in Virginia.

Author: Doug Powers

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