Nicaragua: Baby Friendly, Feminist Kryptonite

In keeping with today’s accidental theme of having the word “Nicaragua” in the title, I wanted to point out that Nicaragua has found a way to prevent an influx of feminists: President Enrique Bolanos has signed into law a ban on all abortions. It seems they take that “shall not be deprived of life” part of their Constitution a little more seriously than a lot of Americans do.

Meanwhile, an abortion debate rages on in Mexico, where the question is being argued, “does life begin at conception, or when you cross the Rio Grande into Texas?”

In Mexico, it is now completely legal to have an abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

I ran across this story and wanted to give my “Isn’t there a better way to word this?” award to the final sentence here:

There are only 46 of them, but the lawmakers of Mexico City who voted to change the capital’s abortion laws may well have changed the course of the debate in Latin America and beyond. The debate brought supporters of both sides onto the streets.

In the end they comfortably beat off their 19 opponents.

Well, that’s one way to prevent a pregnancy from ever occurring. They might be on to something.

Author: Doug Powers

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