All Hillary, All The Time — or Until You Hurl, Whichever Comes First

nullThere hasn’t been access to this much Clinton news since Hillary recieved a brief on the Starr Report (pictured left).

Are you one of those people who can’t get enough Hillary Clinton news? Of course your not, but for everybody else there’s a new website out there called All Hillary, all the time — so much so that it comes with a complimentary bullshit detector and vomit bag.

The site includes links to news stories, blog posts, and Bill Clinton listing reasons Hillary should be president. Conspicuously absent is “Any woman who looks the other way while her husband gets blown by bimbo muffintops is good for America.” Also included is a video of Maya Angelou’s touching poetic endorsement entitled “Why the caged bird schemes.”

Coming soon to HillaryHub: Hugh Rodham’s “FryDaddy on a budget”; an excerpt from Roger Clinton’s new book “On the Third Rail,” which not surprisingly has nothing to do with train tracks; and a YouTube video of Chelsea Clinton explaining what it was like growing up witnessing a strong, loving married couple — and how much she missed those neighbors when they moved away.

Author: Doug Powers

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