Seeking Killer Material

For many weeks now, Patrick Knight, who is on death row in Texas for double murder, has promised to tell a joke just before being put down. As a result, he’s been soliciting material from the public and says he’s received dozens of jokes he’s considering telling.

His execution is scheduled for midnight tonight.

It’s probably too late now, but feel free to help him out as he’s still deciding on a joke.

Here’s my submission:

Warden tells the death row inmate “I’ve got a couple of pieces of bad news for you.”

Death row inmate says, “What is it?”

Warden says, “You’re going to be executed today.”

Death row inmate says, “Oh no! What’s the other bad news?”

Warden says, “You have Alzheimer’s disease.”

Death row inmate says, “That’s horrible, but at least I’m not going to be executed today.”

Author: Doug Powers

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