Everything You Know Is Wrong

This morning I received this email that was sent to my WorldNetDaily address and it was too good not to pass along. I’ve read about this before but it’s always worth another glance.

Proof of Geocentric Correctness
(that is, The Earth is NOT Moving! )

Facts: by Marshall Hall

– There is NO proof that the Earth rotates on an “axis” daily and orbits the sun annually. None.

– All calculations for eclipses, the space program, navigation, satellite movements – anything that demands precision and accuracy – are based on a non-moving Earth. Boiled down, heliocentric math is the same as Geocentric math.

– No experiment has shown the Earth to be moving (much less at 30 times rifle bullet speed in solar orbit and at 250 times RBS around a galaxy. One would think such speeds would flap one’s collar a little even if the “science” establishment says no!)

– Multiple experiments have shown the Earth to be stationary.

– Revisionist history reveals the roles that Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Sagan et al have played in foisting this lie on mankind.

– The logic against a moving Earth is overpowering.

– World-class astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle said take your pick between the two models…

– Copernicanism paved the way for Darwinism which then spawned Marxism, Freudism, Einsteinism and Saganism.)

– Star speeds are not a problem when the thickness of the universe is seen to be what it really is, that is, less than
half a light day thick (eight billion mile radius).

– NASA’s space program is labelled “Origins Research” and costs taxpayers mega-bucks. Computerized telescopes are programmed to send back “synthesized images”. The “image warper” permits “geometric transformations” while “origins technology… configures the multiple small mirrors…” in these telescopes. Talk about a con job!

– The Bible says The Earth is NOT moving and cannot be moved. What’ll it be folks? False science as the source of absolute truth… or God’s Word?

Here’s his website. He’s not alone in the belief that Copernicus was an snake-oil salesman with a telescope though. There’s these people and these people who believe the Earth is fixed… and apparently dilated.

Author: Doug Powers

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