Rosie O. Leads Jihad Against Sanity

It’s all too rare that many of us get a chance to thank those who take up arms to protect us from all the crazies in the world. I’m referring, of course, to Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter.

Rosie’s jihad against sanity has been apparent for quite some time, and we all know she’s long overdue for a lengthy stay under the tender care of Nurse Ratchet at Our Lady of Swatting at Imaginary Flies, but now even her kid is arming herself:


O’Donnell explained the publicity stu…er, I mean, political statement, this way in an email:

“They don’t watch TV – this is how they play/the boys had fatigues and were playing war/the girls wanted some/they run around the house with water guns/shooting each other.”

“It’s fascinating to me/that an image of a child dressed up as a soldier/evokes so much attention/yet the real soldiers – their deaths – their wounded bodies/doesn’t seem to faze most/or make news,” she added.

It’s fascinating/to me that/somebody can use/the “/” key so/ much in one/ letter.

Rosie thinks the girl is dressed up as a soldier? I doubt a professionally trained soldier would wear the bandoleer with the bullets pointing at her neck, but there’s no need to be picky here.

If I posted a picture of my kid wearing fake ammo and holding a gun, how long would it take O’Donnell and her hypocritical troupe of armed gun control supporters to call Child Protective Services? You’re only allowed to do that if you’re against guns and all wars (file under “Huh?”).

The child probably got those bullets from the gun control advocate’s armed bodyguard.

Yep, O’Donnell wants to ban guns — for you and me. Doesn’t it seem to be the case that gun bans are almost always proposed by politicians, vacuous dunderheaded Hollywood actors and cellulite-brained daytime talk-show hosts like Rosie O’Donnell who employ armed bodyguards? They want you to believe they care deeply about your well-being, but the only point their actions convey is that their asses are worth saving, and yours isn’t.

Besides, isn’t protesting war by dressing your kid up in guns and ammo sort of like a PETA member protesting Burger King by dressing Junior up as a Whopper?

Rosie should consider herself lucky that they don’t make straight jackets that big.

Author: Doug Powers

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