Monday's Column: Earmarks R Us — Plus, a Photo Op With Cindy Sheehan Goes Awry

Last week, a House committee pushed through the defense bill, and attached 1,776 earmarks to it. What were they for? I have no idea, because most of them weren’t in non-bureaucrat language. I did, however, attempt to boil some of them down to basic English, with limited success.

Click here for the story in “Piercing the swollen earmarks.”

And now for something completely different…

Completely unrelated to today’s column, but worth a mention nonetheless is this — Pamela, who runs the Atlas Shrugs blog, recently had a little photo op with Cindy Sheehan, and it doesn’t look like Pamela’s a fan:


Stop being so shy and tell us how you really feel.

Take a look at all the pictures taken at a rally yesterday and you’ll see why Pamela’s middle finger is probably suffering from exhaustion today.

Author: Doug Powers

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