O’Reilly vs. Daily Kos: The Feud Hits Home… Bill’s Home

If you’re not familiar with the ongoing O’Reilly/Daily Kos feud, well, consider yourself lucky. In any case, O’Reilly’s been accusing the Kos people of harboring hate at their liberal blog/message board, and Kos and others have been accusing O’Reilly of the same.

I tend to agree with Stephen Colbert that website operators are about as responsible for what’s written on their message boards as gas station owners are responsible for what’s written on the bathroom wall, but now the feud has really hit home for O’Reilly — literally.

A guy who blogs at Kos went to O’Reilly’s home in Nassau County, while somebody else took pictures, to confront him about his “hateful” words, a sexual harassment lawsuit, and to leave some signs in his neighborhood. If you’ve always wanted to see O’Reilly in his sleepwear, now’s your chance:

After O’Reilly provided an “accountability moment” to the JetBlue CEO at his home, I decided to provide O’Reilly with his own accountability moment at his home.

I’ve just returned to home base.

I’ve got video of O’Reilly in his sleepwear (red shorts and a white t-shirt). I delivered the Andrea Mackris Court filings to all of his neighors – every home in his development got a copy. And I put a bunch of signs up along his street – “Bill O’Reilly: Andrea Mackris has your cash” directly across from his house; “Bill O’Reilly: PERVERT” in front of his home; “Bill O’Reilly: CHEATER” on the road he must take to exit his development and “Bill O’Reilly: Can’t be trusted with your daughters” at the landmark boulder marking the entrance to his development.

According to the Kos intruder, “this was the only way to let him know that he’s not above answering for his loathsome lies…answering directly to the people he’s smearing…”

If this is the way we’re doing business now, the front yards of a lot of us will soon be full of sign-wielding protesters — some of whom are in search of a one-way ticket to the ICU.

That said, I don’t think for a second that the “investigative reporter” in Bill O’Reilly had much trouble in the past going to somebody’s house to confront them on charges, whether proven in court or not, so sure, there’s a bit of a “fair play” rule involved here.

I believe that personal residences are off limits for anybody not engaged in direct law enforcement, even if the “visitor” is a reporter, and even if the resident has been accused of a crime or possesses opinions found to be disdainful by some. Their home is their home. I respect private property rights, so I’m weird like that.

Besides, what if O’Reilly owned a pitbull and the Kos visitor got a fair and balanced mauling on O’Reilly’s property? I’ll give you a second to grab a calculator to start adding up the amount of money O’Reilly would have been sued for.

Often these kinds of “visits” have more to do with prompting a violent reaction for financial gain than with seeking “truth.” Which was this? I report, you decide.

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. MichelleMalkin.com alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: WriteDoug@Live.com.