It’s About Time!

We really needed a new conspiracy theory, and this week has not disappointed.

Did you know that Pat Tillman was essentially executed, presumably on the orders of the Bush administration, because he was about to come out publicly against the war?

It’s also being reported that Tillman was anti-Bush, an Atheist, an intellectual (Economist subscriber), poet and a fan of leftist author Noam Chomsky.

Oh, I don’t know… if the president really wanted to do away with anti-Bush intellectual Atheist Chomskyite poets he’d have invaded a Starbucks in Berkeley, California way before Afghanistan and Iraq.

The first thing any good despot worth his weight in Hitler comparisons would do is neutralize critics or potential critics beforehand — and he’d certainly not let them join the same military force he’s going to use to hush up anybody who gets in the way of his propaganda machine. Or… would he?

Author: Doug Powers

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