Vacation Surge: Iraq Parliament Takes Break, So Should U.S.

Not to go full-blown Cindy Sheehan here, but if this is the kind of support our troops are getting from the Iraqi government, then maybe it’s time to bring them home:

BAGHDAD, July 30 (Reuters) – Iraq’s parliament adjourned for its summer recess on Monday, taking a break until September despite having failed to enact a series of laws demanded by Washington.

Parliamentary speaker Mahmoud Mashhadani said in a statement issued after Monday’s session that he had dismissed lawmakers until Sept. 4.

As long as they’re on recess, not one American life should be risked to guard the playground.

The vacation comes despite there being much unfinished business and while people are in grave danger, but instead they’ve decided to ignore the problem and hope it just goes away during the summer months. Gee, it hasn’t taken long to get the Iraqi government to mirror the U.S. Congress.

Hey, why is Oscar the cat curling up next to Mahmoud Mashhadani?

Author: Doug Powers

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