Jihad, the Musical

Everybody who was offended by “Hitler on Ice” now have something else to get freaky about. It’s “Jihad, the Musical,” and free promotion by the British Prime Minister is the best promotion:

A satirical musical about Islamist terrorism and Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has sparked protests in Britain, with critics blasting it as tasteless.

“Jihad: The Musical,” which features songs including “I wanna be like Osama” and is described as “a madcap gallop through the wacky world of international terrorism,” is on at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this month.

But a petition has been launched on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Downing Street website.

“We the undersigned petition the prime minister to condemn the tasteless portrayal of terrorism and its victims in ‘Jihad The Musical,’ says the online protest.

If this is a smashing success, look for the musicals “Khalid Get Your Gun,” “Middle-Eastside Story,” “Bye Bye Rushdie,” “Little Cave of Horrors,” “Bombin’ in the Rain,” “Osama Mia” and “Ali Wonka and the Fatwa Factory” at next year’s Fringe Fest.

Author: Doug Powers

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