Hillary Takes the Cake: No More Entenmann’s for Me

Hillary has apparently reeled in the Entenmann’s endorsement, which should get her the votes of the kinds of people who get sexually aroused when they see Sara Lee. Oh well, I guess it’s time for me to go on a bit of a diet anyway.

Today’s quote of the day goes to the NY Post’s Cindy Adams, commenting on Hillary’s Hampton’s fundraising, which included the Entenmann’s:

Hillary mentioned making sacrifices. To this crowd — Jessica Seinfeld, Chevy Chase, Jon Bon Jovi, Harvey Weinstein, Barry Diller, Judith Ripka, Robert Zimmerman, Donna Karan, Howard Gittis, Russell Simmons, Goldman Sachs people, Calvin Klein, Sandy Gallin — sacrifice means when the help is off.

Touche Cindy.

Political math:






Author: Doug Powers

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