Monday's Column: Breeders Tax

My column today at WorldNetDaily has to do a little bit with ::gulp:: — abortion.

In the column, I’m proposing a new tax that could drastically lower the abortion rate, making pro-lifers thrilled while at the same time enthralling pro-choice politicians. How is this possible?

Read “Breeders tax solves unborn death rate” for the full story.

Reader email

Here’s a letter I just got from Jack in Ohio:

Your “breeders tax” column gave me another idea about how to raise money.

We use a “sin tax” to make life miserable for smokers and to engineer a social result. Well how about a “sin tax” on condoms and oral contraceptives for anyone who can’t prove they’re married? It would be a goldmine in our sexually out-of-control country. These sex outside of marriage people are creating billions of dollars in social costs and dragging America into the dumper. This would be a way to get them to shoulder some of the burden for their anti-social behavior.

Good point. It is certainly interesting how many “sin taxes” cover things that aren’t literal sins, but just things that bother liberals. If you want to see liberal heads explode, come up with a “sin tax” that covers real sins — such as those Jack outlined. Kabooom!

Author: Doug Powers

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