“Never Leave Your Buddy’s Behind”: Mike Gravel and the Gay Spartan Army

There’s a video that is several months old that has just now begun making the rounds, and it shows Democrat presidential candidate Mike Gravel (either that or Jason Robards has returned from the hereafter) answering a question on gays in the military with the following:

Clinton was dead wrong on that issue (don’t ask, don’t tell)…

…If you had any knowledge of ancient history, in Sparta, they encouraged homosexuality because they fight for the people they love, and if it’s your partner and you love him, you’re prepared to die for him. And that’s the same ethic you see in the military today — it’s not the country, it’s my partner.

Go see the movies on war, and it’s always the person next to me — who’s in my foxhole with me. Well I gotta tell ya, extend that a little further and you’ll see why the Spartans trained their people to be homosexuals. Because they were better fighters.

Man, why wasn’t this guy involved in last night’s Democrat debate on all-gay issues?

How exactly does one go about “training” somebody to be homosexual? This should anger a homosexual lobby that has spent the better part of their lives telling everybody they were just born that way.

Another thing that should rile gays is that Gravel seems to insinuate that they don’t want to serve for reasons of patriotism, but they’re just there to make sure that the tires on their mustache ride don’t get shot flat. Kind of insulting if you ask me.

Now, I’ve never been in the military, but I always figured that the reason it was a bad idea to have couples with an emotional attachment serving together was because you don’t carry out missions in pairs, but rather in groups. If you’re leading a group and have more of an attachment to one of those people than the rest, what are the chances this will cloud your decision-making process?

In the meantime, feel free to draw your own conclusions of what that brush on top of Spartan helmets was designed to be used for. I can only imagine that it tickled.


Enactment of what Army training life would be like under Mike Gravel’s administration

Author: Doug Powers

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