Hillary: "Grab Your Brooms!" — White House Janitors: "Grab Your Putty Knives!"

This is really no surprise, as we already know Hillary always has a broom around so as to be able to demagogue from town-to-town, but now she wants everybody else to have one too:

Saying “it will take a woman” to clean up the problems in the White House, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton today urged about 1,000 Houston-area voters to support her campaign to change America.

“Bring your brooms,” the Democratic presidential candidate told the crowd at a union hall in downtown Houston.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Stay with me all the way to November. We’re going to make Texas blue again.”

I have no doubt whatsoever that if Hillary’s elected Texas will be blue. Hell, the entire country will be blue — in the emotional sense. America will be blue, and Bubba will be blew. At least somebody will be happy.

Hillary certainly does have plenty of experience in cleaning up the White House — I’ll grant her that much. Now that the current administration has replaced all the swiped china and silverware, it’s all messy again.

The audacity of a woman with a husband who sprayed so much DNA around the White House that it more resembled a crime lab than a government office saying that she’s going to “clean up” is hilarious. Thanks to her husband, you have to black-light the Lincoln Bedroom before you touch anything, but now Hillary’s interested in cleaning up? I’m sure the White House janitor is scratching his head saying “where were ya ten years ago, lady?”

If Hillary moves back into the White House and if history repeats itself, the janitorial staff can forget about using brooms to clean up and instead grab putty knives.

Just to be safe, decline any offer to ride on Hillary’s broom — she doesn’t know what she’s doing:


Author: Doug Powers

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