More Fundamental Unfairness in the Nifong Case

There’s an inherent “fundamental unfairness” in the case of disbarred former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong.

You might be saying, “We all know that. Those Duke players were railroaded to the point where Nifong probably received a lucrative job offer from Union Pacific!”

No, I’m not talking about the players.

Here’s your daily dose of irony: Mike Nifong is complaining about the state Bar’s handling of his ethics case:

When former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong mailed in his law license last week, he also included a note bemoaning “the fundamental unfairness” of the North Carolina State Bar’s handling of his ethics case.

I agree. That is completely unfair. If it were fair, the State Bar would have falsely accused Nifong of rape.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for somebody to pass “Nifong’s Law,” because sometimes simply being disbarred for purposefully trying to ruin lives from a position of power and send innocent people to prison for political gain isn’t enough.

Update: Here’s the actual document Nifong sent complaining of “fundamental unfairness”… he also claims his dog chewed up his law license. At least Fido knew what to do.

Author: Doug Powers

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