“Obama Girl” Taken to Task in New “Romney Girls” Ad, “Guiliani Girl” Also Challenges

I just can’t believe this. The election system in this country has been cheapened. Our political process has devolved into a smutty, degenerate pop culture whiffle-ball — devoid of substantive debate and lacking any redeeming social value.

… until this came along to add credibility:

One of the biggest videos on You Tube this summer has been “I got a crush on Obama” by “Obama Girl.”

Last month brought us this: “Obama Girl vs. Guiliani Girl.”

Now “The Romney Girls” have retaliated with a negative ad against Obama Girl. “How much can we trust ‘Obama Girl’?”

God I love politics.

By the way, I heard there was a YouTube video featuring “Hillary Girl,” but she looked like Christopher Walken in a mullet and Birkenstocks, so that one got only four hits before it was pulled by Hill and sealed away with the rest of her records.


You’ve gotta admit, it’s better PR than Dukakis could muster

Author: Doug Powers

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