Jenna vs. Jose: The Left Clearly Has Their Priorities Straight

Jose Padilla was convicted on charges of aiding terrorism today, and the left would be up in arms if they believed in the 2nd Amendment, so instead they’re just up.

Here are some Padilla backers commenting at the Huffington Post:

–This is pure nonsense

–This dumbshit (Padilla) should have changed his name to Bin laden the bush would have flown him home

–This has been the most ridiculous “trial” ever conceived. They trumped up a bunch of charges and railroaded this guy

–Padilla: American Martyr in bogus War on Terror

From the Democratic Underground:

This isn’t the system working, this is the system completely f*&#ed. You cannot convict someone after torturing them to confess.

These folks are victims of the phony “war on terror”

Notice that none of these people are offering to take Jose into their homes should he ever be released, but I digress.

Obviously for some, Jose Padilla is a good man who was railroaded and held illegally for over three years. Fine, let’s let them believe that.

So, who is worth hating? Jenna Bush, I guess. Yeah, you heard me — Jenna Bush.

It was announced that George Bush’s daughter is going to be married, so here are a few congratulatory comments at the Huffington Post:

–They can have wounded US troops in uniform, minus arms for maids of honor, and best men in uniform minus legs…After the ceremony they can all march and wheelchair out of the church singing

–May ALLAH cause their first child to be born retarded and deformed…

And from our friends at Democratic Underground:

–Just a nice girl from a nice Nazi-enabling family that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands.

–May her ovaries shrivel away and his sperm be non-swimmers.

So, it’s nice to know that everybody seems to have their priorities in order. Maybe Jenna should have her bridal registry at Bed, Bath and Jihad and she might get a little nicer treatment from these people — either that or make Jose Padilla her Maid of Honor.

Author: Doug Powers

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