Pro Democracy Dictators and the Celebrities Who Love Them

Not long ago, Sean Penn visited with his chum Hugo Chavez. In that meeting, one of the world’s greatest actors — along with Penn — desperately tried to figure out how to keep Bush from bringing further fascism to the United States and using the war and thirst for oil to extend his evil tenure beyond constitutional limits.

Shortly after that important meeting, Chavez, lauded by some in the American left as a model of democratic leadership, led by example and declared himself president of Venezuela for life.

Setting out his plans for completing his socialist revolution in the oil-rich Latin American nation, he proposing radical constitutional reform which has at its centre indefinite re-election for himself.

In a rambling televised speech reminiscent of his close ally and friend Fidel Castro, Mr Chavez told the national assembly of 33 changes he plans to make to the constitution he introduced in 1999 which will cement his grip on power.

“We have broken the chains of the old, exploitative capitalist system,” said Mr Chavez. “The state now has the obligation to build the model of a socialist economy.”

Now that Chavez has declared himself president for life and shut down any opposing opinions in the Venezuelan media, Chavez butt-kissers such as Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and Sean Penn will have plenty of time to discuss with Hugo the best way to go about bringing freedom and democracy back to the United States and the rest of the world.

Viva la dumbasses!

Actor Sean Penn (above, leftist) and self-appointed Venezuelan president for life Hugo Chavez (above, more leftist) discuss the possibility of President Bush accomplishing a frightening abuse of power by somehow repealing the 22nd Amendment

Author: Doug Powers

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