Weekend News inDigestion

As we careen into another weekend of grilling burgers, there are a few news items worth a mention before popping open the first Corona of the day:

Death by Chocolate
A couple of years ago, New Orleans Parish prosecutor Eddie Jordan fired 53 of 77 employees. Of the fired, 42 were white and one was Hispanic. They were all replaced by blacks. Jordan was found guilty of violating their civil rights. He appealed, but the ruling was upheld yesterday, meaning that Jordan’s office owes the fired employees and their attorneys about $3.5 million.

$3.5 million? They probably have that much in FEMA gift cards in one office drawer.

Gucci Gucci coo
Fox News was chastising Fred Thompson for wearing Gucci loafers to shake hands and kiss babies a state fair in Iowa. What about John Edwards? He is a Gucci loafer, and not one word.

Snow Job
White House Spokesman Tony Snow is leaving his job soon. The reason? Good old fashioned conservative greed. Good luck, Tony!

Rather Disturbing
Randall Hoven has put together a list that could be entitled “62 reasons the mainstream media hates inquisitive people who don’t have degrees in journalism.” Check it out here.

Girl-on-Girl Action
John Edwards continues his campaign battle… against Ann Coulter, calling the columnist a “she-devil.” This kind of focus is bound to ensure the nomination — for Hillary Clinton. Don’t you have some homes to foreclose, John?

Unsafe at Any Greed
Ralph Nader is asking the FCC to investigate certain radio talkers, including Rush Limbaugh, saying that the hosts’ plugging of GM vehicles may be in violation of sponsorship identification laws. Leave it to a millionaire with no visible means of support to be the best equipped when it comes to trying to spot camouflaged money-making schemes.

Rumors of financial instability have some people rushing to get their money out of Countrywide Bank, which is owned by Countrywide Financial Corp. If a few more people remove their money, Countrywide will have to cut back their cable television advertising from one commercial every four minutes, to one every six minutes.

Primarily Insane
Here in Michigan, it looks as if our presidential primary will be moved up to January 15th. Just to stay ahead of the other states, we’ll also be voting on candidates for the 2012 and 2016 elections. Other states are expected to compete by moving their primaries to November and December of this year where they will vote on their favorites for the 2020-2028 presidential elections.

“And now for something completely indifferent…”
Finally, below we see a celebrity photographer demonstrating the tasteful and classy lens technique for which his industry is famous — either that or it’s a prison guard checking for concealed shivs:


Author: Doug Powers

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