Monday's Column: Hollywood Penn Pals

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is on leftist Hollywood and their friendly fascination with dictators, fascists and thugs around the world, with whom they often stand side-by-side to accuse George Bush of being a dictator, fascist and thug.

Sean Penn, the heir apparent to Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover in this field, recently returned from a hugfest with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The sight got me to wondering about the Hollywood left and their friendly fascination with dictators, murderers, and other sordid sorts around the world.

Give a read to “Commies and the celebrities who love them” for the full story.


Many emails today, mostly, suffice to say, critical of Sean Penn. Paul, a regular reader, sent in a poem that sums up the situation nicely:

Sean Penn-head is a peculiar lot,
Doesn’t understand freedom gives him what he’s got.
A dog knows better than
To bite its feeders hand;
But not Sean Penn-head, the useful idiot.

Author: Doug Powers

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