9/11 Conspiracy Widens

Not only was Popular Mechanics magazine in on the 9/11 coverup, but now The History Channel will be accused of being part of the ever-widening conspiracy. The cable net, which is airing “9/11 conspiracies: fact or fiction” apparently concludes that the conspiracy theories you’ve been reading about for a few years have no merit. I have yet to see it, but from everything I read, it’s not friendly to the conspiracy crowd.

Etu, History Channel?

The conspiracy has spread to such a degree that some theorists have completely thrown in the towel.

The History Channel program is on again Saturday at 8 p.m. and again at midnight. Judge for yourself.

If you believe there was no conspiracy, then you’re part of it — at least that’s the sense I got from the hundreds of pro-conspiracy folks who emailed me after I wrote this column last year about Charlie Sheen and 9/11.

Related side note:

Remember that game called “find ten things wrong with this photo”? Well, a “photo forensics” aficionado has taken a photo of Bush early in the day on 9/11, while still at the Florida school, and drawn some conclusions based upon assumptions culled from one split second of photographically recorded time. I think I see Waldo in there, too.

Author: Doug Powers

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