Help Wanted: Hypocrisy Offset for ‘Chainsaw Bette’

With friends like these, the environment doesn’t need any enemies:

If it’s not easy being green, then it’s especially not easy being green 24/7. As Bette Midler might attest.

The entertainer and noted eco-booster is looking at $6,500 in fines for cutting down some 235 trees on a property in Hawaii without permission.

“She’s very sorry that it happened, and accepts responsibility because she’s very active environmentally,” Midler attorney Max W.J. Graham Jr. said Wednesday.

Yes, she is indeed very active environmentally — until the chainsaw runs out of gas.

But as usual, the excuses fly, which are readily accepted by “green” groups that make so much money from Midler’s donations:

Midler’s intent in clearing the trees was to make way for trees and plants of the native kind.

Midler also built a graded road without permits. That, of course, is a road of the native kind, so it’s cool.

Author: Doug Powers

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