U.S. Military Expresses Regret for Great Blasphemous Balls of Fire

Another day, another apology:

The U.S. military in Afghanistan on Monday expressed regret for a publicity campaign aimed at winning hearts and minds that ended up offending scores of Muslims. U.S. troops on Friday dropped dozens of free footballs for soccer-mad Afghan children from helicopters in an area of southeastern Afghanistan, all marked with flags of various countries.

But the balls depicted the Saudi Arabian flag, which features the Islamic declaration of faith and includes the names of Allah and the prophet Mohammed.

The idea of kicking something bearing their names is considered deeply offensive to Muslims.

No word yet on what was contained in the “expression of regret” from the U.S. military that will be found deeply offensive, but I’m sure there’s something in there.

Has anybody ever apologized for all the terrorist attacks? I’m just wondering. Nah, that’s okay, first let’s take care of the soccer ball thing. First things first.

Author: Doug Powers

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