Football Saturday in Michigan

My oldest son (12) and I made the little trek into East Lansing today for the first college football game of the season — Michigan State against the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It turned out badly for the UAB.

I’m about as good a photographer as Abraham Zapruder, but nonetheless, if you get out a magnifying glass you can see the opening kickoff of the 2007 season:


Jehuu Caulcrick carries on a short run into the endzone in the 2nd quarter which made it 35-0 MSU:


At the top of the following picture you can see the new press boxes and suites that were put in before last season. Television and radio announcers need to commission the Hubble Telescope in order to be able to see the action:


The final score says it all:


Just 90 miles down the expressway, the University of Michigan didn’t have as much luck against little Appalachian State.

I’ll get back to picking on socialist politicians and/or dopey leftist celebs in the morning, but for now I’ll relish in the MSU win, for they don’t come often enough.

Author: Doug Powers

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