Carbon Dating: The Gore-y Details of Al's Love Affair With Hypocrisy

Here’s Al Gore, champion of the environment and heir apparent to Mother Nature, de-boarding his private jet en route to bitching at the rest of us for our carbon output:


If man-made global warming isn’t a problem yet, then it damn well will be after Al gets through flying in private jets and riding in limos to tell us that global warming is a problem. I’ve heard of self-fulfilling prophecies, but this is ridiculous.

Gore’s so full of hot air, tripe, hypocrisy and B.S. that I absolutely can’t believe he’s not in the running yet for the Democrat nomination.

The moral of laughable Gore crusade is this: People are more prone to doubt your warning that the sky is falling if your every other action implies that you deny the existence of gravity.

Watch Fox News on Sunday night for a lot more Gore hypocrisy — as if you didn’t already know.

Author: Doug Powers

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