Sunday Column: If Tears Fall, Will Poll Numbers Rise?

I have a new column up today at the American Thinker. In Robert Draper’s new book, Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, the president admits to crying quite a bit — mostly in private — ever aware that the troops, not to mention the enemies of America, are watching him.

I’ve heard Bush take some heat over the years for, in the opinion of some, not showing enough outward emotion in public. This section of Draper’s book got me to thinking if consistent waterworks was really something we wanted in a leader. Give a read to “Leadership through tears” for the story.

By the way, for a video lesson on how to go from laughter to tears on a dime watch Bill Clinton at Ron Brown’s funeral.

I’ll link to my regular WorldNetDaily column tomorrow, provided I can think of something else to write about amid a day of watching football while trying to figure out how to get to London for the Led Zeppelin reunion concert.

Author: Doug Powers

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